The Top 7 Headphone Hacks You Need to Know

Headphones are that one thing you wouldn’t forget carrying around in your backpack. The problem though is that they get entangled more often than you would like, and you may have to buy a replacement before you know it.  

Plus, many will remember the annoying noise over headphone that comes with wear and tear.

How do you make your headphone experience a better one?

Here are top 7 headphone hacks that you must know if you are an audiophile to make your listening experience better.

  1. Choose the best performer

Your headphone’s performance depends on its quality. Not necessarily quality always comes with the price. It depends on your device too. You can get different headphones within the same price range.

It is a good idea to check the sound quality first. Sometimes your device’s built-in microphone detects the sound much better. This especially needs a cross check if you are going to use your headphone for voice calling over Skype or similar platforms.

  1. Wrap it wisely

Always try to loosely wrap headphone wires around fingers and not just simply roll them like a knitting ball.

Proper wrapping prevents the wire from tangling or future damage. Either wrap it like ‘8’ shape by weaving the jack at the one end. Otherwise, roll it properly holding the jack at the one end.

  1. Prevent tangling by storing them inside some box

Now that you have wrapped the headphone properly does that mean all your problems solved? What if you through it inside your backpack or just leave it on your messy table with other pieces of stuff?

Eventually, it will tangle. Keep them inside some box or pouch to get untouched from elements. If you have those old plastic spectacle box that is sufficient enough!

  1. Keep them clean

Very few people clean their headphones. However as you are going to place it near the ear hole, hygiene is utmost necessary. Furthermore, sound quality also depends on it. Moreover, when you are going to use someone else’s headphone or going to offer yours to someone else, make sure it is clean. As during the use we expose earwax and oil on it.

Simply scrub the outer tube of your headphone with hand sanitizer or alcohol. It will dissolve earwax and kill the germs. Moreover, you can clean the outer surface of the wires as well. However, be careful about not to wet the circuitry.

  1. Make them exercise-friendly

You may find it exciting to listen to music while working out at gym or jogging. However, your headphone may pop up during the work out distracting you from exercise. In this case, you can simply use the DIY technique to make it comfortable for you. Either you can use the ear wrap or wrap a tie few times around the neck of earbud and make it like a spectacle like ear-holder.

  1. Make it noise isolating

You may want your headphone to isolate you from the outer world while listening to some music. In this case, you can simply use foam earplug or manually cut and fix some foam into your headphone earplug to make it smug fitted.

  1. Prevent the loss of wireless headphone

Bluetooth headphones or wireless headphones often get misplaced due to their small size and lack of fitting. You can use easy DIY solution for it too. Use a little wire and sew a loop on the pair of earmuffs. Make sure the loop is just about the size of your earbuds, It must not be too tight or soft.

There are a whole lot more creative ways you can improve your headphone experience. Think out of the box and also share your ideas.