The Top Tips to Maximize Android Battery Life

While Android phones are full of amazing features that can keep you occupied for hours, battery life can often play spoilsport. You may be left wanting more as the charge on your phone gets used up faster.

Battery life is not constant for all phones because different batteries have different capacities. However, there are some time-tested methods which you can use to increase your phone’s stamina. Here are some of them.

1, Switch Your Wi-Fi Off Occasionally:

When you are not using a wireless network, it is best that you turn off the Wi-Fi option on your phone. This will stop the device from scanning for networks all the time, which can help lengthen battery life temporarily.

  1. Beware of Check-Ins:

Social networking apps can often deal a heavy blow to your Android power consumption. They establish a connection to services regularly to search for the latest update. The more frequently this happens, the faster will your charge drain out. Go for the manual refresh setting which will help your phone cut down on the battery usage, or increase the default interval after which apps look for updates.

  1. Don’t Stay Connected To Bluetooth All The Time:

A lot of us have a tendency to keep the Bluetooth option on our phone switched on throughout the day, when in fact this can lead to huge battery drainage. If you are not using Bluetooth at a given point of time, then you should disconnect your phone.

  1. Go Through The Settings Of All Your Apps:

A lot of apps which need Internet connectivity to work tend to refresh themselves frequently. They work in the background slowly reducing your phone’s battery life. To get rid of this problem, you can disable the auto sync option that comes with all the apps individually. Close all running background apps periodically.

  1. Find Out The Culprit:

Most Android phones will let you see a record of how your battery power is being used. The “About phone” menu in the Settings of your phones will lead you to the select “Battery use” section. You can check out which apps have consumed the highest percentage of power. Eliminate the third-party applications which seem to drain your battery more than necessary.

  1. Optimize Your Display:

During your search, you will notice that Display is one of the main areas where your phone loses its charge. Since we cannot eliminate it, we need to optimise its usage.

Over-illuminated screens can suck all the power before you know it. You will notice a difference in your phone’s battery life within hours of turning down the brightness. Keep it to a minimum and you will soon realise that it works just as fine. Your battery life will also thank you if you do not overcrowd your Home Screen with a lot of icons and widgets.

  1. Do Not Be Scared Of The Power-Saving Mode:

Most Android Phones come with a power-saving mode nowadays. The naming might differ for different brands, but all of them work on the same principle. You will be surprised at how long your phone runs even on a meager battery percentage.

Make sure that your phone never gives up on you again!