How To Transfer Images and Files From Samsung Galaxy S3 to Your PC Easily

Samsung Galaxy S3 is a highly popular Android smartphone that many of us are aware of. However, users started complaining that they are not able to transferring files from Galaxy S3 to PC. This is quite a simple thing to do. They may not know the methods of connecting S3 to their PC. There are several methods available by which you can connect your Galaxy S3to your PC easily to transfer files and images.
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How To Connect Samsung Galaxy S3 to PC

  • Through USB
  • By SAMSUNG KIES – the suite for Samsung mobiles
  • Using Cloud services, like SkyDrive or DropBox

Although, you will find in this post more about using the USB cable to connecting S3 to PC, as this is the most used and highly preferred method of connecting devices all over the world. Make sure to have the right USB cable that fits Samsung Galaxy S3.

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Simple Way to Transfer Files and Images from Galaxy S3 to PC

Begin by connecting your S3 to your PC by using the USB cable. Attach the small, flat end in the mobile port and the bigger end in the PC. Drag down your notification bar to see “USB Connected” or something similar as a notification. Go to USB Connected then select “Connect as Camera”.

Once you have connected as camera, some drivers will be installed. After the installation of drivers an Auto Play option will appear on your PC’s screen. If it doesn’t appear, check your computer and if doesn’t appear again, remove the USB cable and connect it again, then you will certainly find it on the screen.

Following the above mentioned method will ease transferring files from Galaxy S3 to PC, like images, videos, documents, songs, and so much more without any difficulties.

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This is one of the simplest ways of transferring various types of files from your Samsung Galaxy S3 to PC easily just by using a USB cable, which is quite common and you can easily find it around.

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