Transferring contacts from Blackberry to Android device through Bluetooth

There was a time when blackberry was a luxury but in the fast-growing tech world, Android and iOS have taken the lead. Once you buy a new phone, the biggest hassle is transferring your precious contacts. It is easy if you are using the same OS but if you are making a jump from Blackberry to Android, you truly need help.
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This blog addresses this issue and today we will describe how to transfer your contacts from blackberry to android device through Bluetooth. It’s that simple. This is by far the easiest way you will find on the internet. Many people are switching to Android OS because of the user-friendly interface and ease of use. This blog will come handy for you if you are one of those.

Contacts are truly precious as you have collected them over time through bonds, friendships, and networking and you definitely do not want to lose them. Follow all the steps below to have a hassle free and smooth contacts transfer from your blackberry to your new Android device.

How To Transfer Your BlackBerry Contacts To Android Device With Bluetooth?

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  1. From your Menu>>>> Settings>>>>>Wireless And Networks>>>>>Bluetooth Settings
  2. So you will have to tick the box next to Bluetooth to activate it
  3. After doing the above step, check the box “visible” to make sure it can be found by the Blackberry
  4. And you are done with the android for now.
  5. Now Pair Your Android To Your BlackBerry Device
  6. On your blackberry, switch on your Bluetooth from the options button in your menu
  7. Turn on your Bluetooth
  8. Add device (which is to pair)
  9. Search for the Android Bluetooth and you should detect it
  10. After you find it, pair with it and when it shows complete move to the next step
  11. Transfer Your Blackberry Contacts To Android Phone
  12. On your blackberry, go to your pair list( a list of mobile devices you have paired with)
  13. Find the android phone you just paired with
  14. Click on the Options button(which is the blackberry sign button)
  15. and select “transfer Contacts“

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