How to Turn off Activation Lock on iPhone and iPad

iPhone is not like any other phone. It is expensive and becomes a status symbol nowadays. Can you imagine a celebrity or a business man without having latest iPhone model ? He will use Apple phone at least as second phone to prove that he is a top class.

Naturally, iPhone is one of the main targets of new generation thieves. It can be sold even in local markets at a better resale value. But none can use it since Apple introduced Activation Lock feature in iOS devices. Before start using, it will ask original owner’s Apple ID and Password. In other words, no one can use it without previous owner’s permission.

The feature will affect second hand buyers as well, who bought the device legally. They can’t use it without signing into the original iCloud account of the device. How can they overcome this situation ?

From Sellers part

If you are going to sell your iPhone or iPad, make sure that you have deactivated the Activation Lock feature. For that, follow these steps,

  • Go to Settings > iCloud on the device.
  • Scroll down to the bottom to see Find My iPhone option. Turn it off.
  • It will ask your iCloud password to confirm. Enter the details to turn off Activation Lock.
  • Done.

From Buyers part

You have two ways to get access to your recently bought iPhone.

Method 1 :  If the device has been wiped

Contact previous owner and ask them to follow these steps.

  • Visit and login with your credentials.
  • Go to Find My iPhone section.
  • Choose “All Devices” from the menu, it will show the list of all devices that connected to your Apple ID.
  • Select the device you sold or to be removed.
  • Click Remove from Account.
  • Done.

Make sure that he has deleted the device from his account. Then reboot your device to begin the activation process.

Method 2 : If the device has not been wiped

  • Ask previous owner to visit, login with their ID and password.
  • Head to the device name from All Devices list and click Erase.
  • After it has been erased, click Remove from Account.
  • Done.

Once the previous owner erases and removes the device from his account, reboot your device to begin the setup process.