Twitter Etiquette: Are You Annoying Your Followers?

To say Twitter has become popular is the understatement of the century. But as with email and now text messaging, the tool is being abused by some people at the annoyance of many others.

So, here’s a few lessons in proper Twitter etiquette

Use @ and Direct Messages When Appropriate

Not everyone following you needs to know that you can meet friend X after work to run at the gym today. Bravo! You’re keeping healthy, but only friend X needs to be privy to that info. To everyone else its useless clutter.

Don’t Drink and Tweet

Just like the classic drunk dialing, which can be amusing to some, drunk tweeting can also be extremely annoying. Not to mention embarrassing to the tweeter once they come out of their altered state.

Don’t Spam

Enough said, right? Of course we can’t expect spammers to stay off the Twitter airwaves but please if you’re not a professional and don’t want to look like one, don’t follow every single person you see and blast them with every thought you’re having.

Along that same line, if you’re using Twitter to promote yourself, business etc. as well as to chat with friends it’s best if you just create two separate accounts as a courtesy to your friends.

If It’s Unacceptable in Regular Conversation It’s Unacceptable on Twitter

Keep in mind that anyone who seeks you out can see your Tweets. Your friends, enemies, parents and even future employers can check out your tweets. Rudeness, foul language and blatant disregard for decorum is never a good idea.