Twitter gets a makeover- Introduces image galleries in user profiles

What are galleries in Twitter all about?

Image Source

Finally, the world has something to tweet about. Yes, for all those individuals that have been hard on twitter features, the latest introduction on this popular social network will give you something to be happy about. The photo feature on Twitter gets an upgrade. By uploading photos through Twitters new uploading tool, users can feature their photos in their user gallery. Users can also use Instagram, TwitPic, yFrog or other third party photo sharing platforms to post photos. Twitter is going to dish out user galleries to members in a few days. Twitter users have complained in the past and continue to be expressive with their tweets in regard with the monotony of twitter features. Twitter seems to have taken heed to the descriptive tweets and finally give something meaningful to its users.

A user will be able to display 100 images recently tweeted through third party photo sharing platforms affiliated with Twitter. Galleries will be exhibited on a users profile showcasing a few recent images. A visitor can opt to click ‘view all’ button to see all the photos of the user. Visitors can view photos in ‘grid view that consist of thumbnail images or choose ‘detail view’ that exhibits the text shared along with the most recent image. Although opinion is divided among Twitter users, many believe the new look twitter will attract a new breed of followers. It’s not a known fact that social networks that use images are popular among users. Keeping this in mind it’s safe to say that the new updates on Twitter are designed to encourage relentless twitter users that seldom use photos, to be a part of the experience.

Will Third party application developers be affected?

Although twitter and third party application developers have benefited significantly from each other in the past, whether the latest update introduction to satisfy twitter users goes well with third party affiliates remains to be seen. With the new image gallery and the photo application feature, Twitter ensures that users do not have to view others user images from third party sources, but can remain in the realms of twitter to view photos in other user’s profiles. Although the new image gallery feature will go down well with twitter users, the intention to retain traffic on twitter by sidelining third party application developers that have been instrumental in Twitters success is being speculated as a move that may hamper business relations.

Will Image Galleries make a difference?

With the introduction of the image galleries feature, Twitter is not only allowing its users to explore and use the site further, but also making it known to its critics that there’s more to Twitter than just 140 characters, there’s also image galleries. Although the initial manic frenzy about the introduction of user galleries among Twitter enthusiasts is evident, its safe to say that only time will tell if this planned move makes a difference in attracting a larger number of users. One thing’s for sure, individuals that love to view galleries are going to have a ball of a time, let’s just hope its Twitter galleries.