Twitter Hashtags – use these to score a job

Do you realize the fact there more than 300 job postings are being made on Twitter per second? It could be quite staggering at first but it is indeed true. But what is the point of options when they don’t help you? It could be 300 in number but if you filter them based on genre, geography and salary, you will probably end up with 3-4 jobs that suit you. But how in the world can you filter all these jobs by yourself?

Tweetajob is one company which helps you search jobs on Twitter. The CEO of the company, Carmen Hudson commented that over 60% of the jobs in Twitter are fakes. Yet, there are real jobs and your key is finding them. To help you do that, Twitter has introduced a new feature called as the Hashtags.

An introduction to hashtag

So, for beginners hashtag is a link which begins with a hash (#). Basically, if you search a particular hashtag, all the related posts with the similar hashtags will be displayed. While searching for general jobs, you could use hashtags like #jobsearch, #jobhunt and others to find generalized jobs.

If you are a business owner, you might want to hire qualified employees. But the demography of your place might make that process a little difficult and you might not get quality labors in your place. So, if you post your job offers in Twitter with hashtags like #jobposting and #jobsavailable, people who are searching for jobs will come across you and they will contact you.

Chat before you take up a job

The whole concept of Twitter is to get to knowing people better. What better way to know people than talking with them? Always remember that chatting is one of the oldest forms of getting jobs in the Internet. People often chat about getting jobs and while searching for hashtags like #jobhuntchat, you can find people who are talking about jobs.

Hashtags bind professionals over twitter

Organized job hunt chats are taking place in Twitter and many professionals including HR Managers, Writers, SEO Experts, college students and others are participating in these. These chats are closely watched by recruiters of various fields and suitable candidates are picked up right at the spot. While participating in job hunt chats like these, you can develop your communication skills as well as your networks. With the friendship you get in these types of situations, it is more likely that you get a job in a matter of time.

Write a great resume

Then there is another crucial part – Writing a Resume. After getting a call for interview, the first thing they would ask you is a resume and an under developed resume might give your employers a wrong impression about you. So, you can search for hashtags like #CV, #resumewriting to get model resumes as well as valuable tips to write a perfect resume. You can also create digital resumes which are in trend at present.