Twitter lists & FaceBook Groups – which one is more convenient?

Both, list feature from Twitter and Groups feature from FaceBook are not exceedingly new but are hugely effective for users without a doubt. There introduction had made both the sites more user-friendly for sure.

What are Twitter Lists?

Twitter Lists are instituted on right side of the Twitter Page. They are very easy to set up. Mostly, they permit you to group mutually different people. For instance, you can have several people in your place who you want to follow. You can set Public Lists or Private Lists or both. You can also delete any group at anytime.  Private Lists mean not everyone can see this list whereas Public Lists let everyone to view it.

Advantages of Twitter Lists

Here are some advantages of Twitter Lists:

  • Twitter Lists permit you to easily and quickly see latest tweets from individuals in your lists.
  • You can utilize your public lists like a technique of suggesting people to follow for instance, people within your niche or you admire which adds creditability to you.
  • You can discover other great people through viewing at other users’ lists.
  • People can adjoin you for a list they make. It can further add to your credibility and draw more followers.
  • You can look after people even without “following” them. It’s as when you follow others’ lists, you don’t essentially need to have every person on the list on your “Twitter following”.
  • You can utilize Private Lists to observe others in your group or to do market research without coming into the picture.

FaceBook Groups

Using FaceBook Groups, one can form numerous small people networks inside the social networking platform. Whatever you share with the group remains on the group. It means, if you share some pictures with your “family” group, they won’t display on your colleagues’ “business” group page. Except private messaging, facebook groups provide you access to several new communication tools of Facebook which didn’t exist before.

Advantages of Facebook Groups

Here are some of the advantages of Facebook Groups:

  • When you create new group on Facebook, you have choice to allocate an exclusive email address for that group. It’s very interesting as you can act together with Facebook friends through your email client without log in to
  • With regular chat on Facebook (1:1), you can chat with multiple members through facebook groups simultaneously.
  • Facebook Groups have one wiki-like feature named “Docs”. The group members may use it to produce text documents within Facebook itself. The document can be revised by other group members.
  • You can also send a message to multiple people using facebook groups. The only problem is that you can only send the message to 20 people at one time.

The Big Question: Which One is better?

There are so much discussion going on about which one is better, Twitter Lists or Facebook Groups? Both these sites were at loggerheads, due to Facebook, to some extent, saw dropping in popularity in comparison with Twitter. But now, with Facebook Groups, Facebook has formed a new way for communicating and organizing associated stories. Facebook groups allow the user to create mini communities and also have other features like group chats, threads and private walls. So definitely, the Facebook Groups is better than Twitter Lists.