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Twitter goes for official photo sharing without help from Yfrog and Twitpic

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Twitter is a chosen medium by many to shares links and likes because this short and sweet social media channel makes it easy to say things minus the fluff. However, up until now the one thing that has disappointed users slightly is the inability to shares photos and videos in an easy manner directly via Twitter. What users have had to use in fact has been third party services like Yfrog and Twitpic. Finally, users have something to look forward to in terms of sharing pictures and videos via Twitter since they’ve launched their own service this week.

Photos and video sharing on Twitter to be a feature from henceforth

CEO, Dick Costolo mentioned at the D9 Conference that Twitter would offer a photosharing experience that would be made available to all users over the subsequent weeks. This ensures that user’s videos and photos would directly be connected to tweets. As such, Twitter users needn’t leave the site to view or share albums or video links. This makes a stop shop now. In fact, to make things interesting the sharing portal will introduce a new homepage section that surfaces popular tweets, and videos.

An official Twitter blog post by creator, Jack Dorsey supports the notion that those who use Twitter on the smartphones can also add videos and photos from their apps. Those without smartphones can send photos in a message, namely a MMS. Photobucket has been selected as Twitter’s tech partner in this new photosharing endeavor.  This bit of information will be hard to miss considering that photos on Twitter would bear a ‘powered by Photobucket’ tag. This will act as a link to a page that allows Twitter account holders to further edit photos, share an image they want to, and even save photos on Photobucket.
Users may recall that previously photosharing on Twitpic threw up an important question regarding copyright on photos because they were ambiguous regarding copyright regulations. When Dick Costolo was asked whether Twitter would own copyright on photos shared the crisp answer that users would own rights to their own photos on Twitter made things clearer. Twitter’s in house photosharing feature comes as no surprise as Twitter has been making moves to curb dependency on third party services, and this swa he company recently buyout Tweetdeck too.

Twitter not just a 140 character statement but a photo and video sharing stream too

Now, your search on Twitter or a peek at trending topics won’t just lead you to what people have to say but will show you related albums and pictures. Your photo stream on Twitter would be easy to find and share, and would instill confidence in users to engage in more sharing since copyright issues don’t pose a problem any longer, and now you know for sure who’s in charge rather than reluctantly accept a third party service. If you don’t see the service active yet, it’s only a matter of time until you can start using it since the Twitter photo and video sharing service is very new. To get a sneak peak at what this really means, feel free to explore popular twitter profiles and recent trends.