Twitter To Add Parental Controls

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Twitter introduces simple way to flag links that’s yet to be functional

Within tweets, a way to flag links has been added by Twitter. In the streaming API in Twitter, a field that is new is now displayed whenever a link is part of the tweet. This has given users of Twitter, an option of being warned that the links that are going to click on could be very sensitive for the work place you are at, and also tender for the senses. Developers are already being informed by Twitter that the latest feature being added is not yet in function yet but can be celebrated all the same.

However, the addition made is in the phase of testing. Representatives of Twitter indicate that in the future more fields as well as methods of API’s will be added as part of a huge ‘monitor’ family. These will be provided for handling content that could be sensitive and media settings for end users. As per indications from the company’s representatives, Twitter shows no intention of getting material censored. However according to the media policy document of Twitter, certain medical procedures, nudity as well as violence which are considered very sensitive will be blocked by the company.

Read policy document on Twitter link flagging

Representatives of the company have also made an announcement that individuals curious about the capabilities of the feature would be able to read the policy document. For many tweeters this kind of a feature seems to be one that is overdue for long. Users now have the capability of controlling different kinds of content that the children can be saved from. Children can now be allowed to use Twitter without having any kind of fear or the anticipation of any kind of unpleasant surprise when an inappropriate link has been clicked on.

Parental control solution for your teens who tweet

Children need to be provided with guidelines about what they are allowed to have access to and about online content that goes unmonitored. Most parents wouldn’t even want to allow teenagers to have access to unmonitored content. It is the responsibility of parents to keep control on the kind of content their children or teenagers view online. It must be noted that not on all resources, the available content is regulated. Websites can be built by everyone and videos, text as well as photos can be uploaded by almost anyone. Parental control solution is the best thing to ensure that kids do not get exposed to content that is harmful, besides activities as well as videos.

The necessary tools can be used as part of the software application for getting the content on the internet controlled. By nature children are curious and will explore anything that they can access. Systems for parental control on twitter are now completely tamper proof and can be tapped into for potential on the internet. By doing this, dangerous and harmful content can be blocked in an effective manner. When the system installed, children can surf the internet and be a part of a safe virtual environment. The software also provides tools for managing time and limiting the online time used.