How To Unlock Android Pattern Lock and Password If Forgotten

Android offers a very interesting and easy to use operating system with amazing user interface that has become quite popular around the world for smartphone and gadget consumers. Many users sometimes forget their phone unlock pattern or password, which can turn into a serious problem when their smartphone is the only thing that holds their personal information like bank account, email ids, contacts, and other useful information.
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This may sound unrealistic to some people but this is certainly true that many people actually forget their Android unlock codes and patterns and search the internet with “how to unlock my Android” to find a good way to get rid of the problem. While the problem seems so big and devastating, the solution is quite easy as some people may not be aware of it. In this article you will find a really good way to unlock your phone and start using the way you used to regularly.

Steps to Unlock Android Password or Pattern Lock

Follow the below mentioned instruction step by step to successfully get your Android device unlocked.

  • Switch off your Android device
  • When you have switched it off, press the volume up button and then press the down volume button.
  • Now press the power button and hold it with the up volume button
  • You device will show a secret terminal interface
  • Press the home button for scrolling up and down
  • Then you will see an option on your screen saying Delete All User Data
  • Select the option, then wait for a while
  • Your Android device will take some time to restart and now you will see that you have finally unlocked your phone or any other devices.

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These steps will help you master the art of unlocking an Android device, whether phone or tab. Note that by using this method to unlock your device you will lose all your contacts and other information saved on your phone, everything will be back to exactly when you bought your Android device or we can easily say that your device will be refreshed. However, on the bright side, your device will be unlocked and you must remember to take a backup regularly for your information for such a situation.
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