Upgrade Your Marketing Strategies by Using Social Media to Your Advantage

Choose your advertisement strategy judiciously

Advertising for a product requires thorough research based on demography, social demand and location of the market. Using a uniform marketing plan will not allow the business to reach out to the complete potential consumer base. Use YouTube as a video diary to reach out to the younger demography that spends a considerable portion of their browsing time on the website on a daily basis. Have a Facebook page which is easy to find using relevant keywords for the header title and allow anyone to join it. Generate new podcasts every day and post new articles on the blog every week to allow users of these interactive media to gain fresh content of your business on a regular basis.

Web marketing as a dynamic tool for advertisements

Oracle is one such company that started with a home page that allowed consumers to put in their comments and generate a sense of community with the company. After its initial success with this tactic, the organization switched to the Oracle Open World.

if you are a regular coffee drinker at Starbucks you may want to tell the CIO something that will improve the services and products of the company. These suggestions are attended to by a sound technical group of individuals who try to incorporate them into the company activities to the best of their abilities.

Although Wal-Mart wasn’t quite successful in building an interactive online community with its customers, the company’s determined efforts in this field gave way to the Wal-Mart Check Out which definitely improved things for them.

Use various modes of marketing to reach out to a wider audience

If you are looking to raise online sales of your product use the website to describe all items offered by you in great detail that is easily accessible to visitors. Link the home page to the rest of the web pages with simple text links instead of image links. Make sure that there are no repeat links between two pages as search engines such as Google usually disregard the second link in this case. If the first link is an image and the second is a keyword rich text link then your website may be losing out on valuable search traffic since search engines will only pick up on the image link.

Use the blog as an interactive session between your business and its customers. Allow everyone to leave comments on their experience at your website and address specific consumer complaints promptly. Publish fresh content regularly to allow visitors to find something new every time they visit your blog.

Twitter is a great mode of keeping in touch with your customers in real time. Not only can you update them on the new things that are happening to your business but you can also ask them for their feedback on new ideas that you are working on to understand the potential of their success in the market. Tweeting also lets you receive responses and suggestions from them instantly.