Usage of social media for restaurants, it’s more than just marketing

Social media definitely has its advantages for those people who love drinking and eating. From Foursquare check in, free drinks to twitter notifications regarding happy hours or Facebook messages regarding free food, it’s something tasty happening all the time online. Social web provides more than just deals and discounts in case of dining and drinking. Bars and restaurants are providing the social media users, one kind of backstage pass for the food. Chefs and restaurateurs use social media for revealing how the dishes are prepared, generate ease with chefs and offer means for diners for sharing feedback.

Illuminating how the dishes are prepared

Whereas customers attend lower end restaurants, searching for value as well as discounts, high end restaurants believe that “discounts denigrate the experience”. You may blame it to increase celebrity chefs or triumph of The Food Network, but now people desire to live through other people who cook. A lot of restaurants are placing videos on YouTube or Vimeo of latest dishes being made. “The general thought is to drag the curtain back,” and “Let people at home feel more engaged and involved as you are demanding to deliver.” However social media does much more than just pleasing curiosities. It makes Facebook fans or Twitter followers keep in mind about their previous visit. But without anyone knowing, social media method bends more to high-end than just fast food restaurants.

Know the Chefs

In place of drawing customers, many restaurants endeavor to utilize social media for personal experience.  Today, people love going to restaurant and knowing owner or chef. Grant Achatz, who is behind Chicago’s Alinea restaurant, which was named as the best restaurant of America in the year 2006 by the Gourmet shows us the way. When Achatz isn’t available in restaurant; he still continues to tweet from whenever he is. As a result, others know him well and uphold a base. Achatz’s approach of helping his audience and learning more regarding him is dead right.

Communication between Chefs and Diners

Restaurant experience has conventionally been divided between the back of house and the front of house. Customers took a seat in the dining room and enjoyed the meals, totally disconnected from people making the meals. Success of farm-to-table movement, and open kitchen designs exhibit that diners need a deeper relationship to food which is made for them.

Social media allow customers analysis what’s behind the “Employees Only” door, and it also gives customers way in to people behind it. Twitter permits Tony Priolo, who is the chef of the Piccolo Sogno, to attach with consumers before they come to restaurant and diners involved with social media obtain special treatment.

Whereas the restaurants may be incapable to quantify precise monetary effect of the social media campaigns, responses they obtain reassure them that someone is listening. Prior to social media, it was hard for an average person to have way in for that three-starred chef or ornery bartender, although now, dishing compliments or criticisms has become very easy regarding a Facebook post or a tweet.