Use jQuery Plug-ins for Improved Content Development

Animated share Button

Use the Animated share Button like a virtual bookmark to attract the attention of your friends on the internet. The reflective feature of this plug-in from jQuery adds to the 3D effect of the application.

Bubble up Button

Although the Bubble up Button is not as dynamic in its features (does not have the reflection or 3D effect like the Animated share button) its lack of complications makes it a user favorite for social bookmarking purposes.


Quicksand can make your app usage experience on a smart device a smooth experience. Although it is tough to use it in complement with the Ajax Load, this plug-in is useful enough on its own.

Reel Effect

Instead of using the time consuming applications provided by Flash, use the Reel Effect among the newest plug-ins offered by jQuery to get a three-dimensional preview of the complete photo with the help of a series number.

SelectBox Plug-in

Other than allowing you to customize the select box on the menu of a page, this plug-in also has the additional ability to enable the user to select more than one option on the dropbox.

Image Slider

The jQuery Image Slider is one of the best plug-ins of its kind and can be easily compared to those used by Apple.

Tile Shifting Image View

Although there is only a single image transition to this plug-in, it is quite an interactive image slider application and is worth trying out. The image is broken down into tiny boxes and brought back together by the Tile Shifting Image View. Compared to the jQuery Image Slider this plug-in is not as smooth.

Ajax Scroll

This new jQuery plug-in replaces Pagination. Using the Ajax Scroll you can move on to the next pages of a website by simply scrolling down. Once you use it you will realize the effectiveness of this plug-in in keeping readers hooked on to one’s website.

Interactive Map

Think of the usual e-maps that exist; most of them are designed using Flash. However, the Interactive Map from the jQuery plug-in family makes things as engaging as Flash.


The jQuery SerialScroll is mainly useful for animation purposes used for all elements, allowing them to be sequenced and scrolled through easily using features such as slideshows, text scroller, news ticker or section slider.

Form Plug-in

Use the jQuery Form Plug-in to upgrade HTML forms without any complications in order to use AJAX with the help of ajaxForm or ajaxSubmit. These forms collect data from other form elements in order to design the submission process by controlling the content on them.