Using the Three Most Popular Marketing Strategies: Yelp, Twitter and Foursquare

The Advantageous Help of Yelp

Yelp is a local review site that caters access to customers in checking in with reviews and rates of their local businesses as regular as they can. Yelp provides a website that can be availed using any browser and applied to search for information about any local business. It also gives a check-in service for mobile like Foursquare. This mobile app is in fact very effortless to use and has been cited by industry giants. Considered as popular and easy to use, a lot of press releases mentioned about the effectiveness of Yelp. Among these citations stated the contribution of Yelp in the business world, its efficiency to generate directions for local businesses and its extra features that really benefit a majority of consumers.

Unlike other services that are location-based such as Facebook Places or Foursquare, Yelp is equipped with an official employee, called Community Manager. This feature exists in most key cities in the United States and even a few chosen cities abroad. The role of these Community Managers is to make sure that Yelp compensates the Yelp society for their contributed reviews and content to the site. Meetings take place monthly and in some instances weekly between the Community Managers and fellow Yelpers to assemble and talk about projects and usually to just work together and have a quality time.

Face the Competition with Foursquare

Foursquare is a location-based social media is becoming prestigious nowadays and are used by modern internet marketers. This term also describes a game and software application for mobile phone devices. Commonly, users make use of a device definite application or SMS to “check-in” sites. So, those users that are already recorded can use this mobile and website app to connect with friends and keep updated about their location.

You can use devices that are accessible for making a wide range of Foursquare Specials. This promotional means is customized for your clients and your place. A variety of options can be employed, like creating Mayor Specials where the most dedicated user can have the opportunity to be a site Mayor and so he can release the special offerings. A user who has logged into your site for numerous times can open out Check-in Specials. Specials that are Frequency-based are free for those users who receive the rewards for making repeated check-ins. The primary concept behind these enticements is the idea of allowing you to build a relationship with your clients in a more engaging and long-term approach.

Trend on top with Twitter

Just like any other social media, Twitter is a social networking site where people can make fast and easy connections. Twitter enables the users to create direct messaging, following, and followers so that you can keep in touch with your clients and other business models and also, they can have an instant communication to you. Feedbacks that are heard from customers are very significant, especially in this high tech era where we do not constantly get the chance of meeting face to face. Making business connections enable both parties to share and relate ideas, accomplishments and failures and can bring opportunity to get insight on improving your business status. In addition, this is also a great spot to search for prospective clients whom you want to engage in your workforce or extension plans.