What is Avast Safezone Browser and is it good?

Are you a daily user of the internet? Do you carry out a vast number of activities online? Do you fear that the information you share might be at unsecure?

For all such problems Avast has come up with an all in one solution, by introducing the “Avast Safezone Browser”. It is a free browser based on Opera and it uses a Chromium engine. It has a variety of security features to offer to you which includes Anti-malware security, Add-ons (Ad blocker, Safe price, Passwords), Bank Mode, Incognito windows and more.

With the flexibility that the internet provides to its users, people tend to have a lot of access to the information and they even perform multiple tasks online. For example, online shopping, social networking, online banking, operating online businesses etc. but the information you share online is not safe at all times. Cybercrime has spread so much in recent years that it feels almost impossible to keep the information secure. Hackers and criminals can easily get into your online accounts and extract whatever they want to know.

But with Avast Safezone Browser, you can now easily guard your information and yet keep using the internet for your daily activities. This browser is not a separate application, rather it’s a part of the entire package offered by Avast which includes its Free Antivirus, Pro Antivirus, Internet security and premier.

This is a security tool that comes completely equipped at your service, hence it does not need any additional privacy extensions. Moreover the third party extensions are blocked.

Along with all the great features that it has to offer, the browser is free of cost and so it can easily be downloaded without much hassle.

So what are you waiting for, download this application now and get all your information to safety.