What To Say and What Not To Say On Your Facebook Business Page

Nowadays, avoiding social media is not good for marketing, so it won’t be long until you will have to create a Facebook business page for your company. After you fill in the necessary details and set up the page, you will have to start offering updates and interact with the community. Here is what you should and what you shouldn’t do if you want to be successful.

Be Natural

One of the most important things that people seem to forget about social media is that you have to be sociable. This means that you can’t treat your audience like they are some strangers that should be happy to receive your updates. You have to communicate with them directly and drop the curtains. You can’t send out messages in a very serious tone every single time you post something. You can do this from time to time, but in other situations, you have to talk like a real person and form a bond with your viewers.

Don’t Forget to Update

Another important social media strategy is keeping things fresh. If you have something new to say, don’t forget to post it on your wall, no matter what it is. However, you have to make sure that you don’t fall into extremes; don’t post more than three things per day and try to post something at least twice per week. You don’t have to follow this rule religiously, but you should try to keep your fans updated without suffocating them with unnecessary interventions.

Keep your Audience Involved

Facebook is a great way to get instant feedback, so take advantage of this fact as soon as you can. Ask questions about products, try to find out what people like and what they don’t like and make sure to attend to their needs. If you have the financial power to make the changes needed, you have no reason to be afraid of some constructive criticism.

Try Not to Censor

The dark side of social media is always out there and if you expose yourself through a Facebook page, you have to be aware of the possibility that some people are not exactly fans of your company. If they decide to post negative comments on your wall, you can choose between trying to solve the matter and hitting the delete button. The first option is definitely the best one and the rest of your fans will appreciate your effort.


Making the right decision on Facebook is not exactly rocket science, but if you have many fans on your business page, you have to keep them happy without making any mistakes. You need to think before you act and try to keep the relationship between you and your audience in good standing. If you know how to react in different situations and if you have enough time to take care of the social media aspect of your business, you will surely notice the results.