Where the Google+ has reached in so little time

Google+ a platform for social networking is creating ripples in the social networking industry

Competition continues in every sphere, even on the internet. Google is a leader as far as search engines on the internet are concerned. Just as Facebook, ‘the’ social networking site introduced some time back continues to make a headway, in the same way Google+ a platform for social networking is creating ripples in the social networking industry. For Facebook, one of the latest rivals is Google+.  When it comes to services related to social networking, history that is strong enough is not Google’s forte but it continues to remain a popular search engine and that makes a difference. It has been seen that Google Buzz and Google Wave have not yet successfully caught on.

A lot of effort, money as well as time have been invested in the Google+ venture, to compete with rivals like Facebook. On many of the destinations on the web which are major-in-command, the tweet button has already become commonplace. With +, despite being introduced on the web for just about 30 days, it has already gained popularity. A platform provider for search engine services called BrightEdge has conducted analysis of the largest sites (amounting to ten thousand in number) and for the Google+ button placement has found a surge of 33% within just a few days.

As compared to Facebook, Twitter, as well as, Google trail way behind

To a ratio of about 4.4%, the Google+ button is up on those sites as discovered by the company and in June has further gone up by around 3.6%. It has been found that up by 3.4% is the plug-ins of Twitter on display. In comparison to Facebook,  Twitter, and Google trail way behind. Plug-ins of Twitter is on the front pages of sites amounting to 20% upswing. In comparison, if in perspective Facebook is considered, the ‘Like’ button had showed up on websites totaling to around fifty thousand in number in just seven days since its announcement by the company in the month of April.

Twitter, Facebook like, and Google+ all in contention

Last year in the month of August, publishers were made available the tweet button for Twitter fans. On the front pages, the adoption of links to twitter, as well as, Facebook pages was also noted. As compared to buttons, such links are much more popular. Studies indicate that on the front pages of at least 51% of the sites, there are no links of Twitter or Facebook. At a very fast pace, Google+ is growing with a huge market share win due to help from Google+ Tweet extensions. Inside the account of Google+, upscale features now make friend surfing fun.

Twitter is managed well by Google more than Twitter is able to manage itself. This is experienced when you take a close look at Google realtime, but it is unfortunate that realtime stands cancelled. One of the latest attempts made by Google in the creation of a social networking site, Google+, has been developed under the Emerald Sea protocol and is more than a product, it is largely considered as a project by Google.