Why do Experts Prefer Facebook to Twitter?

This has been one of the most heated debates on the social networking circuit. Is it Twitter over Facebook or Facebook over Twitter? It is tough to compare and take sides as both have their own pros and cons (Though we have seen an increase in the number of Facebook users over the years, which hints that it is more popular amongst the people than Twitter). Twitter was ahead earlier, but Facebook is slowly cutting down the lead.

Facebook Appeal

Facebook has an appeal to the younger generation and is very energizing to people wanting to stay in touch with friends and make new friends at the same time. In fact, the usage of e-mail or IM tools are cut short hugely these days as more and more people are getting hitched to Facebook and using it for all their needs like video and image uploading, chatting and updating status etc.

Twitter Appeal

Though many do not believe that Twitter is or ever will be as good as Facebook, you may not be able to stop tweeting once you get a habit of it. In Twitter you get quicker responses and twitter probably lies somewhere between the different worlds of instant messaging, email and blogging.

The makers of Facebook have earned millions by creating social networking sites, also many computer experts have been employed and provided with permanent jobs, which is another reason why it may be popular with experts.

Twitter is a way to find new people with whom you can interact and also content spread across the web. However, most of the users, who tweet, tend to post unnecessary updates and spam it causing a drop in the viewer ship.

Advantages of Twitter

  • It is easy to update and is very user-friendly.
  • It has a vast reach and is good for promotional activity for businesses.
  • You receive instant responses.
  • An RSS reader can be used to remain updated instead of continuously logging in.
  • It is interactive and everyone can follow anyone.

Disadvantages of Twitter

  • It is very limited in its functions.
  • Each update is limited by 140 characters.
  • Not everyone finds it useful.

Facebook Pros

  • It is easy to find people; email, make connections, image/video sharing, instant messaging, applications, etc.
  • Most users can fast grasp the value of staying in touch with family members and friends.
  • The user base is growing at a rapid speed.
  • More youthful and a good place for social animals.

Facebook Cons

  • More difficult to update and navigate.
  • Requires a lot of time to be familiar with the format.
  • Need to be logged in to receive responses and updates.

Now even if it’s apparent that Facebook is gaining popularity due to its jazzy image and youth-oriented applications we cannot sideline the fact that Twitter has been on the internet circuit for quite long and has maintained its high rating and is used very often by celebrities and common people alike. So this is really just an individual’s point of view and is like comparing apples and oranges; it all depends on your taste. And experts seem to have a taste for Facebook (Facebook has won just a small battle, not the war!).