Your Facebook account could be a hotbed for scams

Spam scam on Facebook wall through Osama death video

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Everywhere you turn to look, the social trend seems to me a message about Osama’s death, a tweet, a tiny url that points to related news, and new facts about the death. It’s not for nothing that they say curiosity killed the cat. It appears everyone seems to be wanting a little more info about Osama’s death, or better still, they want to see how he died.  Now, you may not be able to stomach this if your faint hearted. A rather gory image with a promise to show you Osama’s death is the first step to entice you.

Enticing descriptions to prompt people to watch video

It appears that a friend would write on your wall, ‘This will leave you speechless.’ The very speechless link will have a video description that says Osama Bin Laden EXECUTION Video, or anything on those lines. Be warned that the initial picture itself should warn you away. If it doesn’t you’re simply inviting scam. First and foremost, be smart and keep yourself away from Facebook scams that are rampant this week. Its’ most likely that the friend how has personally written out on your wall is actually live on chat with you at this moment. So, go ahead and ask them if they really did send you that gory looking link. Chances are your high heeled dainty friend will be rather taken aback.

It’s important you tell the person because most times they’re not even on FB while the messages are being sent out, so notify them so they can make amends. For your part, mark the message as spam. It’ll obviously tick the spam radar if everyone marks the malware scams and spams. It’s a good thing there isn’t any apparent video if you do click on these malware but that could change.  It’s true that many would not want to look but there will be others who’ll try to peek in. It obviously is meant to tweak interest so anyone who can watch a little violence or young minds who think this could be exciting are likely to click. What happens is the usual stuff.

Modus operandi of Osama death spam video

You may be redirected to a Facebook Page. You have to like the page to see more, and then nothing. You may also be asked to take a survey before you can watch the video, and this means someone is making a few dollars because of your enthusiasm. Instead of a video you may be told there are images related to how Osama Bin Laden was killed in Abbottabad, Pakistan.  Of course again it’s a redirection with no images. The worst of the lot is the one that boasts of being a BBC video that shows you the death. Clicking here takes you to a site that helps catapult a virus onto your system, and as expected slow everything down.

The titles are varied, and may be tweaked in different ways to make it seem more attractive to viewers. If someone clicks on it, it manifests itself onto every friend’s wall. Yes, that’s its modus operandi, so, be wise and don’t click on these links. You’re putting yourself, friends, and family at the risk of being spammed, and who knows what else can happen. I don’t know though if you would still get spammed if you’re on a https setting.